Donald Trump IMPEACHMENT set for Monday.

After a long battle with the Mainstrem Media over reports of his alleged Russian ties, Donald Trump will be going through impeachment on Monday, says Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Ryan continued, “we have seen first hand, proof that President Trump has not only lied under oath, but that he has actively taken measures to undermine the democracy of these United States to advance Putin and Russia’s agenda.”

“The list of charges the President will be facing is quite long and includes charges of: money laundering, espionage, and high treason” said Ryan.

To say that we aren’t really surprised here at Channel 22 News, is an understatement. But high treason was a bit of a shock. Nevertheless, Mike Pence will be sworn in first thing Monday morning and America will have to try to look past this and move on. It’s never easy as a country to have to deal with such blatant disregard of the law from a sitting President. But if America has learned anything, it’s that nothing can stop these United States. Not even the Russians. We will edit this story as we receive more news.