Dover Drag Strip To Reopen

February 10,2020
The iconic Drag Strip in Wingdale,N.Y. has a new owner and a new vision. Former Announcer Dino Lawrence has acquired the the property on Pleasant Hill rd. He plans to recreate the Track,”just as it was,when it closed in 1976″ He stated in a press release just this week. The track opened on 1961 and ran til its closing in May,1976. it was the most famous quarter mile track in the Northeast. Since 2009 Mr.Lawrence has hosted the Dover Drag Strip Nostalgia drags at Dover’s ‘sister’ track,Lebanon Valley Dragway .Plans are to restore a duplicate timing tower and even use old army surplus sound equipment,just like the original. Paving will begin in the spring with new super traction asphalt with laminated chicken fat .Also He plans to build a replica of the snack stand to offer the legendary dirt burgers…Did I Fool ya yet ?