Janet Lindemulder named ‘Mother of the Millennium’

(Perrysburg, OH) Following a secret international ballot which rigorously evaluated the qualifications of millions of mothers across the globe, a Perrysburg woman has been awarded the title of ‘Mother of the Millennium.’ The selection of Jan Lindemulder as the honoree of this prestigious title indicates that she is thought to be the ideal mother for the 21st century.

“Jan Lindemulder accomplished what would be impossible for many of us,” said Sarah Plumgarten, Executive Director, Mother of the Millennium Foundation. “As single mother, she raised three rambunctious boys, climbed the corporate ladder to the top of her profession, and spread kindness and love among all who knew her.”

Jan’s amazing story includes rising from a warehouse job as a young mother, to being one of the top executives for Ace Hardware, all while providing food, love, discipline and clean underwear for her three boys. All three children eventually graduated from college, earned gainful employment and avoided breaking their necks from acts of stupidity.

In addition to nurturing her sons, Jan is also an advocate for abused and neglected children through her work with the Wood County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) program. First as a caseworker, and then as a member of the CASA Review Board, Jan’s dedicated advocacy for these at-risk children has changed lives and made the world a better place.

According to one son, Jan was often as popular among their friends as they were. “Growing up, everybody just loved her. You thought your buddies were coming over to hang with you, but they would end up talking and joking around with her. ‘How’s your Mom?’ they would always ask. I was like – ‘Hello, I’m right here. What about me?'”

The son asked not be identified because, according to him, “I am her favorite. She told me so!”