The children dead

Monday June 2 Two girl school friends. is boys have decided to have a sleepover the boy went to sleep at the girl’s house telling himself stories of horror a moment they heard noises the girl was super scared but the boy confirming to him that all was well and that he was nothing serious so the girl said OK and the follow-up They move into the living room and he lights up the light They saw an onbre pass at full speed Everywhere in the house we heard laughter Sounds of a knife and then whispers two children started to panic Alas it was the reality of a sudden a total silence in the room the two children decided to sleep and tell this to their parents the next day the parents returned the day after their honeymoon and they saw a terrible thing The children were not in their room They checked in the guest room in the kitchen and then in the living room he went down to the cellar and found a big bag Inside there were the two dead children