Shannon Messenger, author of the Let the Sky Fall trilogy and bestselling Keeper of the Lost Cities Series, has finally come out and revealed who she REALLY ships.

Shannon has always been secretive when it comes to the romance in her Keeper of the Lost Cities Series. She has always been adamant about the fact that she is “Team Sophie” as opposed to definitely Team Keefe or Fitz. She has come out earlier this week, revealing who Sophie will end up with.

On Tuesday morning, Shannon posted on Twitter about how she loved writing about Fitz and Sophie, despite how much fans love Keefe. It is unclear if she intended to reveal her endgame ship.

This morning, she posted again, saying, “Sorry to all who weren’t expecting that spoiler yesterday. As much as I love you Sokeefe shippers out there, there’s no denying that Fitzphie should win in the end.” Despite ongoing controversy among fans, her decision seems final.


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